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Companies by law must protect confidential material and client data
















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You Are Throwing Your Business Away
A data destruction program will protect you and your company. Without that, you run the risk of having proprietary confidential documents exposed to virtually anybody. Make sure your business doesn't go out with the trash. Call Paper Chase Shredding & Recycling, Inc. for a free consultation to assess your company or individual plan.

Dumpster DivingDumpster Diving
Companies by law must protect confidential material and client data. As a result, policies are implemented in the work place. As companies assess their privacy protection programs, they should be aware that release of confidential information through the normal garbage stream or through deposits into waste dumpsters does not protect the company from liability as there currently is no law against dumpster diving.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996)
The act states that healthcare organizations in the United Sates will be responsible for the secure electronic transmission of patient information and the secure storage and disposal of that information. Failures to adhere to this law may incur civil fines and criminal penalties. Many government offices and private businesses have adopted the HIPAA act as a standard procedure for their office.

Shred Size
When it comes to security, shred size is truly the only thing stopping any potentially negative activities from occurring. The illustration below shows a comparison between Paper Chase shred size and the competition. Make sure your documents are shredded to a size that protects you and your confidential data.

Shred Sizes